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Volunteer Orientation
Join us at our next New Members & Volunteers Orientation on March 15th, 6:20-8pm at the Museum.  Please RSVP: 778-4398


Preserving the Unique History of Petaluma and Providing Educational and Cultural Services to the Community

Volunteer Opportunities at the Petaluma Historical Library & Museum

Flexible time commitment and schedule as part of team in each area of volunteering

Desk Docents: These volunteers staff the Museum on days it is open to the public. Each docent takes responsibility for one or more three-hour shift per month. Training consists of “shadowing” another desk docent to learn what is involved. Desired skills: an ease in meeting the public, dependability, eagerness to learn about the Museum and basic Petaluma history.


Walking Tour Docents: Every May through October the PMA offers walking tours of downtown Petaluma on Saturday mornings. Training involves following a few established walking tour docents and learning about downtown Petaluma’s architecture and history. Desired skills: good public speaking, liveliness, friendliness, interest in local history.


School Tour Docents: Local schools teach third graders about our city and regional history. To further this effort, the PMA offers tours of the permanent Petaluma history exhibit at the Museum and historic downtown Petaluma, led by knowledgeable docents. Desired skills are a love of history, responsiveness to young people, ability to inspire, good public speaking; teaching experience is a plus.


Collections Volunteers: The PMA safeguards and catalogs the city-owned collection of artifacts and documents. We are in the middle of digitizing the entire collection of photographs, slides, news clippings, oral histories, and information about every single artifact in storage. This massive undertaking requires computer skills such as data inputting and scanning, attention to detail, dependability.


Research Volunteers: This group works closely with Collections (above) in maintaining our Research Library, which is open to the public two days a week to assist people who want to know more about various aspects of Petaluma history such as past events, citizenry, architecture, etc. It’s a great opportunity to learn directly about Petaluma history. Library experience a plus.


Events and Exhibits Volunteers: These people work under the direction of the Director of Public Service to set up and take down exhibits and prepare for special events and concerts. There is no set schedule; they work “on call.” Event work involves moving display cases, setting up / taking down chairs and serving food and beverages. Exhibit work requires creativity, good aesthetic judgement and careful handling of artifacts.


Outreach Booth Volunteers: The PMA is always looking to expand the Museum’s visibility in the community. One of its tools is an outreach booth at selected outside events such as local public festivals (Rivertown Revival and the twice-annual Antique Fairs, and others). Volunteers serve on three-to-four-hour shifts, hand out PMA program & membership literature and interact with visitors. Best suited for outgoing people who believe in the PMA’s mission and can promote it to the public.


Special Projects: The PMA often needs people to serve on ad-hoc committees. Duties vary.


If you are interested in becoming a PMA volunteer, Please download this Volunteer Application and deliver it to the Museum Office at 20 Fourth Street, Petaluma CA 94952, or scan and e mail to volunteer at petalumamuseum.com, and our staff will promptly contact you. Or, attend the Volunteer meeting that is held the 2nd Wednesday of the month 12-1 p.m.


Thank you for your interest and support!


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